About the Parish Council








The Fencott and Murcott Parish Council is here to serve the local community. It is effectively the tier of local government closest to people. It has legal powers and responsibility to take action on certain issues affecting our neighbourhood.

There are currently no vacancies on the parish council. Parish Councillors are volunteers elected or co-opted into the role. They are our friends and neighbours in our small community.

Parish Councillors and Members

The current councillors are shown below, together with their contact e-mail address:
James Lewis jlewis@fandmpc.co.uk (Chairman)
Jane Wylie jwylie@fandmpc.co.uk
Nicole Bates nbates@fandmpc.co.uk
Kay Bott
Tim Brown
Lynne Bustin parishclerk@fandmpc.co.uk (Parish Clerk)

Get in touch…

The easiest way to reach us is to e-mail: parishclerk@fandmpc.co.uk
or call 07843 729038

You can write to The Parish Clerk, 11 Otmoor View, Merton, Oxon, OX25 2NL